The Impact Of A Smile Makeover


The Impact Of A Smile Makeover


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[1]A beautiful and radiant smile is an indicator of health, vitality, and youth. It is a ticket to better relationships, career advancement, and enhanced self-esteem. Many of us take for granted our youthful, healthy smiles when we are young, and we seek to gain some of these desirable attributes back as age, erosion, and damage take their toll on our pearly whites. For those who have never been gifted with healthy teeth, the impact of a less-than-desirable smile can really take its mental, emotional, and even physical toll in ways we would have never imagined. Perhaps it’s time for a makeover.

A smile makeover is a series of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures designed to improve both the aesthetic look of and function of your teeth. With an increasing awareness of the emotional and physical importance of having a bright and beautiful smile, almost 70 percent of middle-aged Americans are now beginning to ask questions about these procedures. It seems that many of us are seeking a better quality of life through our personal interactions with others, and many times this starts with a warm and inviting smile.

What Procedures Are Involved In A Smile Makeover

Depending on what you have to work with and the extent to which you want to improve your oral health, your dentist may offer several options for your makeover. These could include:

Repair Of Missing Or Cracked Teeth

Your mouth suffers structural damage if you have broken, cracked or missing teeth. You become susceptible to developing weaknesses in other tissues, in bone, and you are at risk of infections with these weaknesses. Your dentist can repair, restore, and even replace missing or cracked teeth, building a healthy foundation for additional work that may need to be completed.


In some cases, it is necessary to straighten and realign teeth to make them more cosmetically appealing. Straightening teeth can also add strength to your mouth, providing the necessary support where it is needed for chewing, biting, and even swallowing. Your dentist might be able to provide you with some options for realigning teeth that don’t necessarily involve heavy metal braces; talk to your dental care professional about what options are available to you.

Tooth Whitening

If you are prone to picking up unsightly stains through food and drink choices, or if time has not been very kind to your enamel, then perhaps tooth whitening would brighten your smile. Gone are the days of messy bleach trays and uncomfortable procedures that return lackluster results; with an array of choices for whitening procedures available to dentists and patients today, you will be delighted with innovative technologies and improved results.

Veneers And “Snap On” Smiles

In some cases, a complete cosmetic overhaul is needed to provide physical and emotional relief for a patient. Your dentist has an array of fully restorative procedures that can be performed to greatly enhance a patient’s quality of life and improvement in their self-esteem. These fully restorative procedures were at one time considered too pricey for many of us, but with recent improvements in technology, premium dental care is now being made available to all.


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