How to Avoid Tooth-Related Dental Issues While On Summer Trip


How to Avoid Tooth-Related Dental Issues
While On Summer Trip

Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable!

Here are some pre-vacation tips to help in making your next vacation as stress-free as possible! And how to avoid tooth-related dental issues while on vacation.

Get a Dental Checkup.

Dental checkups are an ideal way to get all possible dental issues checked out and treated. If it has been quite a long time since you had your last checkup, then book an appointment before your vacation. Our dentists at Apple Tree Dental can take X-rays and review them for any gum-related issues if required. For example, dental decay might appear around dental refurbishments; these are regions that the naked eye cannot detect. Further, a teeth cleaning will also eliminate plaque that is responsible for causing gum infections and cavities.

Maintain Good Dental hygiene.

People who take good care of their dental hygiene are less likely to experience tooth problems. Nevertheless, even with good dental care, a broken tooth can occur during a trip. Therefore, maintaining good dental hygiene is essential.

Get a Dental Cleaning.

Getting teeth cleaning before your trip helps prevent gum infections and teeth cavities, both of which may lead to an unanticipated toothache.

Tips on avoiding dental problems before a summer trip

Visit Your Dentist Before Leaving on Vacation.

When preparing against oral health problems, the first step to consider is to ensure you are on track with your dental visits. Have you been to the dentist in the last six months for a cleaning and dental checkup? At the Apple Tree Dental office, our dental experts will examine your teeth and look for gum diseases, tooth decay, and cavities, as well as other potential issues like loose crowns or filings.

While on Vacation Eat Carefully

Many individuals like to use a trip as a reason to go off their recommended meals and consume sugary snacks. Although desserts are lovely, remember to eat carefully. For instance, while enjoying a treat, make sure to brush your teeth afterward.

Purchase Travel Insurance

For instance, we recommend buying travel insurance coverage that covers dental care if you are traveling abroad. That can protect you against paying vast amounts of money for any potential dental issues you might encounter while on your trip.

Take a List of Emergency Dentists.

Whether you are vacationing in Canada or any other country, it would not take much effort to research dentists where you may be visiting. For best results, search for dentists that specialize in emergency care. Take this list of emergency dentists with you and make sure it has their names, address, and phone numbers.

Pack your Dental Appliances

Don’t use your trip as a reason to avoid using your dental appliances. Your mouthguard, night guard, oral, or retainer appliances are critical to good oral health. If you use any oral device and want to avoid dental issues, carry them everywhere you go on your vacation.

Handling a Dislodged Tooth

One of the bad things you can experience on your vacation is a dislodged tooth. If this happens to you, you might need to call a dentist as soon as you can. If any of your teeth fall out, you should look for it and put it in saliva or a cup of milk.

Dealing with a Broken or Cracked Tooth

If your tooth happens to break or crack on your trip, the first step to take is to call an emergency dentist. Although we suggest you take every chance to avoid dental emergencies while on the trip, some problems are out of your control. A cracked or broken tooth is one issue that will not go away. It is easy for food particles or bacteria to find their way to your broken or cracked tooth. To avoid this, we recommend that you visit an emergency dentist as soon as you can.


While on an airplane, it is normal for air pressure alterations to cause toothaches, especially if you have filings. Fillings tend to expand. However, this pain should disappear a few hours after you reach your destination. If the pain fails to subside, consider taking over-the-counter pain killers to hold you over till you get back home. And if the condition persists, consult an emergency dentist soonest possible.


So make your vacation as stress-free as possible. We at Apple Tree Dental wish you the best on your upcoming trip, and we hope that this bit of insight may bring about a worry-free trip. So give us a call if you need a pre-trip tooth inspection and cleaning!


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