The Difference Between FASTBRACES® and
Conventional Braces

When You Need it Done Fast!

Fastbraces is a revolutionary system. It is a fast, safe, easy, and affordable brace. This non-extraction orthodontics system provides patients outstanding results.

Fastbraces Vs. Traditional Braces

Traditional braces require up to two years to complete the job. However, Fastbraces work with unique triangular brackets. These unique brackets move the full tooth from the very start of treatment.

Fewer Treatments, Faster Results

Dr. Altalib schedules appointments 2-3 weeks apart, and patients see a noticeable difference in their teeth within a matter of days, and some could be out of the braces in about 100 days.

Less Pain

Decreased reported pain is another reason behind the advantages of Fastbraces.

Fewer Dental Complications

We have noticed that with conventional braces, caries susceptibility.  2 or 3 years of brace wearing may result in cavities production, especially with teenagers as they are the largest age group wearing these devices.



FASTBRACES® Technology bracket systems are popular with both children and adults because they deliver efficient results quickly, delights both patients and Dr. Nagham Altalib at Apple Tree Dental.

Other Benefits of FASTBRACES®

Because FASTBRACES®, Technology straightens crooked teeth quickly, allowing your teeth to be cleaned easier for long-lasting results.

Results show!


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