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TRIOS 3 BASIC Digital Scanner

Apple Tree Dental is pleased to announce our newest technological acquisition, the TRIOS 3 BASIC digital scanner.

Here is a bit about this unique technology and how it will make our patient’s visits to our clinic safer, faster and more convenient.


The TRIOS 3 Basic creates digital impressions that are more comfortable for our patients and much more accurate than conventional impressions. We can show our patients a 3D image, explain treatment options and then send the impressions to the lab for processing.

Simple Scan-and-Send Workflow:

The scan-and-send workflow makes sending the file to a 3Shape partner lab easy. For example, with our TRIOS dental scanner, we scan and send it’s fast, easy, and hygienic.

TRIOS 3 BASIC Digital Scanner

TRIOS Accuracy:

The Trios 3 digital impression scanners use AI to “learn.” The outcome of the Trios 3 scanning is to create long-lasting, natural-looking teeth. In addition, we can capture and send precise occlusion and excursive jaw motion to our lab for a perfect fit. And dental impressions taken with an intraoral scanner are more accurate than conventional impressions.

TRIOS 3 BASIC Digital Scanner

Less Chair Time:

The Trios 3 is about less chair time, less anxiety, and no more gagging for patients who require impressions. In addition, our patients will have a better experience because digital scanning is faster, less invasive and allows for quality dialogue based on the 3D scan on the screen. Our patients can complete total, accurate impressions in minutes. And treatments require only 2-3 visits on average. No wonder 4 of 5 studies show patients prefer digital.

TRIOS 3 BASIC Digital Scanner

Call us today for how our new Digital Scanner can make your visit to our clinic more comfortable.

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