Why Root Canal?


A root canal procedure addresses the problem of a tooth that is infected or has a decaying pulp. The root canal procedure requires drilling and cleaning of the tooth from the inside. In addition, the integrity of your tooth is either lost or severely damaged after an invasive therapy like a root canal, and it will need reinforcement.

Restoring the Fragile Tooth

A tooth can turn more fragile after the root canal treatment due to tooth drilling, cavity, or infection. A durable dental crown can protect this tooth and make it long-lasting while preventing any damage.

Retain the Natural-Looking Color

Some teeth change color after a root canal treatment. If a tooth appears grayed or deeply stained, a dental crown can offer a more natural appearance and a whiter shade to match the remaining teeth.

Preventing Infections

The affected tooth surface is at a higher risk of infection and contamination. A dental crown will protect the tooth by sealing it off from dangerous leakage to avoid recontamination so that you do not need to undergo a tooth extraction.

Provide Protection

A tooth that previously had a filling due to extensive decay and got chipped or fractured before the root canal treatment, or if it’s in a high traffic area, should be restored with a dental crown.


Should you need a root canal, we highly recommend a crown. However, don’t wait too long because delaying the solution could negatively impact your tooth, leading to extraction.

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