Why You Should Consider Dental Crowns A Comprehensive Guide

Dental health is a critical component of overall well-being. Teeth are crucial in our daily activities, like eating, speaking, and even maintaining our facial structure. However, various conditions can compromise our dental health, necessitating professional intervention. One of these interventions is the use of dental crowns.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps placed over a damaged tooth, covering the visible portion above the gum line. They are designed to restore both the functionality and appearance of the tooth. Crowns are generally recommended in cases where a significant part of the tooth structure has been lost due to decay, trauma, or root canal treatment.

When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Dr. Altalib often recommends crowns for the following reasons:

Restoration of Damaged Teeth: When the tooth has undergone substantial damage, and little of the tooth structure remains, a crown provides structural support and restores function.

Post Root Canal Treatment: After a root canal treatment, a tooth may become brittle and easily fractured if exposed to heavy force. A crown provides the needed protection to keep the tooth intact.

Root-Only Teeth: If only the root portion of the tooth remains, Dr. Altalib will create a core and a crown will be fabricated using materials like porcelain, ceramic, or a metal base coated with porcelain.

The Procedure for Installing Dental Crowns:

Getting a dental crown is a multi-step procedure that begins with the preparation of your tooth. This involves reducing the tooth size to create enough space for the crown material.

An impression of your mouth is then taken and sent to a dental lab. Here, skilled technicians fabricate the crown to suit your teeth’ unique conditions and shape. The forged crown is cemented onto your tooth, providing a long-lasting, natural-looking solution.

Benefits of Dental Crowns:

Dental crowns offer several benefits:

Improved Functionality: A crowned tooth can function like a natural tooth.

Enhanced Appearance: Crowns are made to match the colour and shape of your natural teeth, improving your smile and boosting your confidence.

Durability: Crowns are long-lasting and can withstand the rigours of biting and chewing for many years.

Protection: They protect the underlying tooth from further damage or decay. Conclusion:

Dental crowns serve as an effective solution for restoring damaged or weak teeth. They improve the tooth’s functionality and enhance your smile’s overall aesthetics. Investing in dental health today can save you from more complex and costly procedures.

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