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As many of our clients age, it’s normal to consider replacing your missing teeth. Decay, damaged teeth or gum disease is often the main reasons that dentures become necessary. This can be done by fabricating partial dentures or what we call plates. Dentures are a removable appliance that replaces your missing teeth aesthetically and functionally, so you can feel completely confident about your smile.

Sometimes, with age or because of health issues, bone resorption is not an option and can result in getting all your teeth removed. In this case, full complete dentures will be the option you might want to consider.

There are some disadvantages of not replacing missing teeth, which are:

  • Facial muscle sag or atrophy make you look older
  • Deficiency in food chewing and mastication
  • Increase in bone resorption due to the heavy chewing force applied into the bony ridge
  • Aesthetic negative implications
  • Misalignment of adjacent teeth

Dr. Altalib has specialized training in all types of removable appliances and can help you overcome this problem. We help patients every day to achieve a solution to provide them with a healthy and attractive smile.

Denture is kept on the glossy table

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